Keywords: Keywords: Case Manager, Citra, Hospital Services.




Case Manager is a new innovation designed by an Independent Institution, the Hospital Accreditation Commission (HAC), in order to meet the needs of quality and efficient health services so as to improve the image of health services to the community. Case managers can play an active role in helping to achieve quality indicators in service units effectively. The purpose of this reasearch is to examine how the case manager's role activity is in efforts to improve the image of health services in the Rokan Hulu District General Hospital. This reasearch uses qualitative research with a qualitative descriptive study approach. Informants in this that  were Professional Care Providers (PCP) consisting of the Physician in charge , nurses represented by the head of the intensive room (ICU) and of the dahlia ward room, and the Pharmacist. Hospital management, represented by the head of the nursing section, and the head of the hospital's education and training section. Patients / families as well as the case manager team itself. Data collection methods used in this reasearch are by observation, deep interview, and documentation. The results obtained from this study are that the case manager in the upstream regional public hospital is considered not yet effective in carrying out its role as a case manager. There is no interprofessional collaboration that  related to meeting patient service needs, has not been active as advocacy and facilitating patients during this periode care. Factors that influence the role of the case manager include internal factors in which the case manager is still concurrent with other tasks, as well as the competence of the case manager itself. Meanwhile, external factors are the provision of rewards to case manager officers and poor coordination and evaluation systems from the hospital management.


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