Jurnal Penelitian Keperawatan Medik https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM <div style="text-align: justify;"> <p>Jurnal Penelitian Keperawatan Medik memberikan ruang bagi akademisi, peneliti dan pengguna hasil penelitian dan pengabdian untuk mendiseminasikan, menginformasikan, mendiskusikan dan menggunakan hasil penelitian dan pengabdian sebagai upaya meningkatkan kualitas kebijakan di bidang keperawatan yang berbasis ilmiah. Jurnal ini menyajikan hasil penelitian, pengabdian masyarakat serta artikel ilmiah di bidang keperawatan medis. Artikel penelitian dan pengabdian masyarakat yang dimuat dalam jurnal ini merupakan topik penting dalam pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan di bidang kesehatan masyarakat, membantu pemecahan masalah seputar keperawatan dan membantu meningkatkan kualitas hidup manusia. Jurnal Penelitian Keperawatan Medik bersifat independen, ilmiah, memberi kesempatan yang sama kepada akademisi dari berbagai jenjang dan asal pendidikan tinggi.</p> </div> Fakultas Keperawatan Institut Kesehatan Deli Husada en-US Jurnal Penelitian Keperawatan Medik 2654-7635 LOKUS KENDALI DAN KUALITAS HIDUP LANSIA DENGAN HIPERTENSI https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1720 <p>Hypertension is a disease that many elderly people suffer from, who are vulnerable to experiencing a decrease in quality of life due to decreased organ function. Quality of life is influenced by locus of control. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between locus of control and the quality of life of elderly people with hypertension. Correlation research design. Population 426 elderly, sample 209 elderly. Statistical tests use Pearson correlation. The results show that there is a relationship between locus of control and the quality of life of hypertensive elderly people, p=0.001 (P&lt;0.05). Observation of the locus of control is very important to improve the quality of life of the elderly in order to improve the welfare of the elderly in old age.</p> Hariati Hariati Rostiodertina Girsang Friska Ernita Sitorus Zuliawati Zuliawati Riyanto Riyantoi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 1 5 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1720 HUBUNGAN KONSUMSI MAKANAN SIAP SAJI DENGAN KEJADIAN PENYAKIT DIARE DI SD NEGERI 101800 KECAMATAN DELI TUA KABUPATEN DELI SERDANG https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1724 <p>Elementary school -age children eating fast food is a problem that is a major concern in the community, especially foods that contain dangerous chemicals in the canteen, and food sellers around the school are important agents that make children eating unhealthy foods. and cause diarrhea for children. This study aims to The Relationship Between Fast Food Consumption And Incidence Of Diarrhea In Sd Negeri 101800, Deli Tua Sub District, Deli Serdang District. This a study using analytical observational design with a cross sectional study approach. The population of this study was a student of SD Negeri 101800 totaling 294 students with 75 student as sample. Sampling used in this study was stratifield random sampling. Data analysis use Chi Square. The results of this study indicate the distribution of the frequency of consumption of fast food 75 respondents (100%), as many as 43 students (57.3%) have a high level of consumption of fast food and there are 32 students (42.7%) with the level of consumption of fast food The low one. The frequency distribution of 44 students diarrhea (58.7%) experienced diarrhea and as many as 31 students (41.3%) did not experience diarrhea. Chi Square test results obtained significant data with P-value = 0,000 p-value &lt;0.05. It can be concluded from the results of this study, that there is a relationship of consumption of fast food with the incidence of diarrhea in SD Negeri 101800 Deli Tua Sub District, Deli Serdang District in 2023. Suggestions from the results of this study are that teachers are expected to provide support so that children have good snack habits and pay more attention to the cleanliness of places selling snacks around or outside school.</p> Herri Novita Tarigan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 6 13 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1724 PERSEPSI TERHADAP TINGKAT KECEMASAN IBU PRIMIGRAVIDA DALAM MENGHADAPI PERSALINAN DI PMB MELIANA https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1740 <p><em>Anxiety is a normal condition that occurs in various circumstances, such as growth, new experiences (Heriani, 2016). Anxiety is a feeling of fear that has no clear cause and is not supported by the existing situation. Anxiety can be felt by everyone if they experience deep pressure and feelings that cause psychiatric problems and can develop over a long period of time. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common psychiatric disorders. According to the National Comority Study report, one in four people meet the diagnostic criteria for at least one anxiety disorder. Anxiety symptoms are different for each individual. Symptoms of anxiety can include restlessness, heart palpitations, tremors, and more. Pregnancy is a source of stress and anxiety, especially for mentally unstable pregnant women. In general, pregnant women experiencing pregnancy for the first time will feel happy and increasingly curious about their changes as well as the development of the fetus. But at the same time, pregnant women also feel worried. This type of research is analytical survey research with a cross-sectional approach where data relating to the independent variable and dependent variable are collected simultaneously or at the same time. This method was used by researchers to determine the perception of the level of anxiety of primigravida mothers in facing the birth process. Based on the results of age research on the perception and anxiety of primigravida pregnant women in the age group &lt;20 years, totaling 13 people, of which 5 people (38.5%) had a good perception of childbirth and 8 people (61.5%) had a bad perception. towards childbirth. Meanwhile, in the 20-35 year age group, there were 20 people, of whom 15 people (75.0%) had a good perception, and 5 people (25.0%) had a bad perception. According to the results of anxiety levels in people under 20 years old, 7 people (53.8%) felt mild anxiety, 2 people (15.4%) felt moderate anxiety, 3 people (23.1%) felt ) severe anxiety and 1 person (7.7%) panicked.</em></p> Suharni Pintamas Sinaga Elmina Tampubolon ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 14 19 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1740 HUBUNGAN JENIS PENGOBATAN ANTI TUBERKULOSIS TERHADAP KEPATUHAN MINUM OBAT ANTI TUBERKULOSIS https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1759 <p><em>Pulmonary TB germs can infect various parts of the body and prefer parts of the body with high oxygen levels. The lungs are the main predilection site for pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) germs. Tuberculosis is an infectious disease caused by the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Pulmonary TB) is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. The number of TB cases every year always increases with new cases and the success rate of treatment is still insufficient. Based on data from the World Health Organization (2018), there are 6.4 million people in the world infected with TB germs. In Indonesia, the number of TB cases is estimated to be 842,000 new TB cases per year (319 per 100,000 population) with 107,000 deaths per year (40 per 100,000 population). One factor that can be related to non-compliance with TB drug consumption is the type of TB treatment. The aim of the study was to identify the relationship between the type of anti-tuberculosis treatment and adherence to taking anti-tuberculosis medication. This research is a quantitative research study with a cross sectional approach. This research was carried out at the Deli Tua Community Health Center. The population of this study were pulmonary TB patients who were registered and receiving treatment at the Deli Tua Community Health Center, with a total of 68 respondents. The research results showed that there was no relationship between the type of treatment and compliance with taking anti-tuberculosis medication with a p value of 0.921. TB sufferers need to increase awareness of compliance with taking anti-tuberculosis medication.</em></p> zuliawati zuliawati Rostiodertina Girsang ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 20 24 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1759 HUBUNGAN PERILAKU IBU DENGAN STIMULASI PERKEMBANGAN MOTORIK ANAK USIA PRASEKOLAH DI PAUD MUTIARA HATI SIDODADI DUSUN IV RAHAYU DESA SIDODADI KECAMATAN BIRU-BIRU TAHUN 2022 https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1767 <p>The attitudes that mothers adopt when caring, directing, and advising their children have an impact on them. Children are people who fall inside a specific developmental range, which includes newborns and teenagers. Three to six years old is the preschool age group. The preschool years, often known as the golden or critical periods, are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, are fleeting, and cannot be recreated. There will be a phase in the child's psychosocial development between initiative and guilt. Preschoolers initially study the fundamentals of psychosocial development in order to get ready for a greater social life that is required for adaptation or adjustment.</p> <p>The purpose of this study was to ascertain how preschoolers at PAUD Mutiara Hati Sidodadi Dusun IV Rahayu, Sidodadi Village, District, were stimulated in their motor development in relation to their mothers' conduct. 2022 will see Biru-Biru. This kind of study employs a cross-sectional research design and quantitative analysis. 35 PAUD Mutiara Hati students and a sample of 35 individuals made up the research population. The Total Sampling approach was used for sampling in this study. A chi-square test was employed to analyze the data. The study's findings indicate that 35 respondents (100%), or 14 individuals (40.0%) in the good group, 13 individuals (37.1%) in the pretty good category, and 8 individuals in the not good category, made up the frequency distribution of the duration of maternal conduct. (22.9%).</p> <p>The purpose of this study was to investigate the connection between preschoolers' motor development stimulation and mother conduct. The chi-square test findings revealed a p-value of 0.00 for the association between the length of a mother's behavior and the stimulation of her child's motor development. Thus, it can be inferred from the study's findings that preschool-aged children at PAUD Mutiara Hati Sidodadi Dusun IV Rahayu, Sidodadi Village, District, benefit from stimulation of their motor development when it comes to the length of their mothers' conduct. 2022 will see Blue-Blue.</p> maria hermita manik siti marlina - ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 42 51 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1767 HUBUNGAN PENGETAHUAN DENGAN PERILAKU PERSONAL HYGIENE PADA ANAK DI PANTI REHABILITASI YANG BERHADAPAN DENGAN HUKUM https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1769 <p><em>Personal hygiene behavior is behavior that is carried out by someone to maintain personal hygiene to avoid diseases, especially skin diseases. This behavior cannot be separated from the knowledge that an individual has to help carry it out. This study aims to determine the relationship between knowledge and personal hygienic behavior in children at the Rehabilitation Center for Children in Conflict with the Law. A cross-sectional approach was used for this study, with a total of 60 participants. The results showed that respondents had good knowledge of personal hygiene, namely 29 people (48.3%), and good personal hygiene behavior, namely 29 people (48.3%). The Chi-square bivariate analysis showed a p-value of 0.360, more than the value of 0.05, which means that Ha is denied, so it can be concluded that there is no significant relationship between knowledge and personal hygiene behavior in children in rehabilitation institutions. The orphanages need to carry out strict monitoring and also support the fostered children regarding the importance of maintaining and caring for personal hygiene to avoid skin diseases so that it can generate motivation and enthusiasm for them to continue to routinely maintain personal hygiene.</em></p> Regina Vidya Trias Novita* ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 25 32 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1769 PENGARUH KOMBINASI TERAPI COUNTERPRESSURE DENGAN BIRTH BALL TERHADAP PENURUNAN NYERI PERSALINAN KALA I FASE AKTIF DI KLINIK CITRA MARENDAL https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1770 <p><strong><em>Background:</em></strong><em> Childbirth is the birth of the baby, placenta, and amniotic membranes from the uterus to the outside world. During labor, it can cause trauma to the mother because of the pain experienced. Some mothers are even traumatized to get pregnant and give birth again because they are afraid they will experience the same pain, especially for mothers who have given birth for the first time. Nonpharmacological therapy to reduce pain can be done counterpressure with a combination of birth balls. <strong>Objective:</strong> To determine the effect of a combination of counter pressure therapy with a birth ball on reducing active phase I labor pain. <strong>Method:</strong> This research used a quasi experiment with a two group only post test design. The population in this study were all mothers giving birth at the Citra Marendal clinic with a total sample of 36 people, each group consisting of 18 people. The instruments used were Numeric Rating Scale sheets and observations, with the Mann-Whitney Test hypothesis test. <strong>Conclusion:</strong> There is an effect of a combination of counter pressure therapy with a birth ball on reducing active phase I labor pain at the Citra Marendal Delitua Clinic with a p value = 0.001 &lt;0.05.<strong> Suggestion</strong>: For the future, it is hoped that they can develop research by examining various complementary methods that can reduce labor pain such as: the effectiveness of music therapy, aroma therapy, back massage, gym ball/birth ball techniques, relaxation techniques, remembrance, guided imagery.</em></p> Reisy Tane Rini Debora Silalahi Angriawan Angriawan ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 33 41 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1770 EFEKTIVITAS TERAPI MUSIK MOZART PADA PENURUNAN TINGKAT STRES TERHADAP PENDERITA KANKER PAYUDARA YANG MENJALANI KEMOTERAPI DI RUMAH SAKIT UMUM SEMBIRING DELI TUA TAHUN 2024 https://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKM/article/view/1778 <p><em>Cancer is a worldwide health issue. Many breast cancer patients are treated with chemotherapy, which causes them to experience stress. Stress has an impact on the immune system. Sufferers who are stressed are more likely to have bodily discomfort. Breast cancer patients receiving chemotherapy can benefit from music therapy. Music provides organized aural stimulation in the form of melody, rhythm, harmony, form, and style. This study employs quantitative research and a quasi-experimental research design with a one-group preset-posttest design technique. The data was evaluated using the paired sample test. There are 34 samples available that were collected utilizing the entire sampling method. Data was gathered using questionnaires and observation sheets. The bivariate analysis gave a p-value of 0.0080.05, indicating that the Effectiveness of Mozart Music Therapy on Reducing Stress Levels in Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy at Sembiring Deli Tua Hospital in 2024 will be present.</em></p> Alfi Syahri meta rosaulina mona fitri gurusinga ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2024-05-05 2024-05-05 6 2 52 56 10.36656/jpkm.v6i2.1778