Jurnal Penelitian Kesmasy http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY <p>Jurnal Penelitian Kesmasy memberikan ruang bagi akademisi, peneliti dan pengguna hasil penelitian dan pengabdian untuk mendiseminasikan, menginformasikan, mendiskusikan dan menggunakan hasil penelitian dan pengabdian sebagai upaya meningkatkan kualitas kebijakan di bidang kesehatan masyarakat yang berbasis ilmiah. Jurnal ini menyajikan hasil penelitian, pengabdian masyarakat serta artikel ilmiah di bidang kesehatan masyarakat. Artikel penelitian dan pengabdian masyarakat yang dimuat dalam jurnal ini merupakan topik penting dalam pengembangan ilmu pengetahuan di bidang kesehatan masyarakat, membantu pemecahan masalah seputar kesehatan masyarakat dan membantu meningkatkan kualitas hidup manusia. Jurnal Penelitian Kesmasy bersifat independen, ilmiah, memberi kesempatan yang sama kepada akademisi dari berbagai jenjang dan asal pendidikan tinggi.</p> Fakultas Kesehatan Masyarakat Institut Kesehatan Deli Husada Delitua en-US Jurnal Penelitian Kesmasy 2655-0806 HUBUNGAN KELEBIHAN JAM KERJA DENGAN KEJADIAN HIPERTENSI PADA PEKERJA PT. ASTORIA BANGUN PERKASA BATAM http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/146 <p>Background: This study aims to determine the relationship of excess working hours with the incidence of hypertension in PT. Astoria Build Mighty Batam. Methods: This research method uses quantitative types with observational analytic research designs and Cross Sectional approaches. The population of this research is all PT. Astoria Bangun Perkasa which amounts to 60 workers. The instruments used in data retrieval are the Sphygmomanometer, the stethoscope and company data. Results: The results of the univariate analysis showed that most workers experienced overtime hours of 17 people (34%) while workers who did not experience excess hours worked as many as 33 people (66%). Workers who experienced hypertension were 7 people (14%) while workers who did not have hypertension were 43 people (86%). The results of the bivariate analysis with the chi-square test showed that there was a significant relationship between excess work hours and hypertension.</p> Saiful Batubara Lady Tria Rannie Rusdani Rusdani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-15 2019-10-15 2 1 1 6 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.146 FAKTOR–FAKTOR YANG MEMENGARUHI KOMITMEN AFEKTIF ORGANISASI PEGAWAI DINAS KESEHATAN http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/182 <p><em>This study aims to the factors that influence organizational affective commitment among employees of health office of deli serdang district 2015. This research is a quantitative survey with cross sectional study . The population in this study were employees of the District Health Office Deliserdang In 2014 as many as 120 people and a sample of 120 people. Data analysis method by means of univariate, bivariate analysis with chi square test and multivariate analysis with multiple logistic regression test. The results showed statistically motivation and satisfaction associated with affective organizational commitment of employees the District Health Office Year 2015</em><em>. Age</em><em>, </em><em>E</em><em>ducation</em><em>is and </em><em>long of work</em> <em>was not </em><em>associated with affective organizational commitment of employees</em><em>. </em><em>Results Deliserdang multiple logistic regression test unknown variables that influence the affective organizational commitment to employee motivation and working conditions.</em></p> Syafrizal Amin Nasution ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-15 2019-10-15 2 1 7 14 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.182 HUBUNGAN PEMANFAATAN AIR SUNGAI DENGAN KEJADIAN GEJALA DERMATITIS http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/149 <p>The purpose of this study was to look the relationship between river water utilization with the incidence of dermatitis symptoms in the village of Lantasan Lama, Patumbak District, Deli Serdang Regency. This research was analytical with cross-sectional research design, which is to find out the relationship between river water utilization with the incidence of dermatitis in the village of Lantasan Lama, Patumbak District, Deli Serdang Regency. The population of this study were housewives who used river water that was totaling 108 respondents with purposive sampling. The data used primary and secondary data. Data were analyzed by using the chi-square test. The results showed that the largest percentage based on the age of the respondents was at the age of 36-45 years. The largest percentage based on respondent's education was high school education. River users used river water were quite bad. River users use river water with the largest percentage of washing. River users mostly got dermatitis symptoms. There was a relationship between river water utilization and the incidence of dermatitis (p-value = 0.001). It is hoped that the peoples around Lantasan Lama river increase their knowledge about their habits that can pollute Lantasan Lama River and it can caused symptoms of dermatitis and change their behavior to better one.</p> Samuel Marganda Manalu Astrie Kartika Putri ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-21 2019-10-21 2 1 15 20 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.149 DETERMINAN KEPEMILIKAN JAMBAN SEHAT DI BAGAN DESA PERCUT http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/150 <p>Healthy latrine ownership is one indicators of an ecological and healthy environment. According to WHO, it turns out 12.9% of Indonesia's population who do not have latrines,2.4% billion of the world's population who do not have healthy latrines, with a ratio of seven from ten, mostly of them are river. In Indonesia, goose neck toilets are used 84.4%, with a thickness of 4.8%, with a floor of 3.7%. The purpose of this study was to find out the relationship between Income, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Habits with Healthy Latrine Ownership at Bagan Percut Village in 2019. Research is conducted by using an analytical method with a cross-sectional design plan. The population of this study was the Head of Family at Bagan Percut Village as many as 624 peoples. The sample of this study was part of a population of 86 peoplesthat used simple random sampling. The results obtained by using the chi-Square test showed that there was a relationship between income, Knowledge, Attitudes, and Habits with Healthy Latrine Ownership. It is recommended that community officers to be more creative in providing health education with regarding to healthy latrines, for example by using a trigger method with used a tool in the form of transmission posters of diseases caused by human feces and did direct observations in places where people are used to defecation openly.</p> Rio Ferdi Yuandra Bella Anggreni S Pangestika ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-18 2019-10-18 2 1 21 25 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.150 MONITORING KASUS TUBERCULOSIS BERBASIS GOOGLE EARTH http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/152 <p>Tuberculosis is one of the world's health problems including in Indonesia. In 2017 the number of new tuberculosis cases in the Deli Tua Health Center area reached 143 cases with a success rate of 76% and MDR TB reaching 15%. This decrease in cases was caused by improper drug uptake and MDR TB medication dosage errors and non-compliance with taking medication. To overcome the problem, Google Earth mapping and calendar documentation were applied. The results of the implementation show that there is a difference which means the completeness of treatment before and after the intervention with RR = 2.21; 95% CI: 1.32-3.69, cure rate for tuberculosis cases with RR = 1.87; 95% CI: 1.17-2.99, the dropout rate for treatment with RR = 1.77; 95% CI: 1.07-2.95, and mortality rate. Google Earth-based tuberculosis case intervention increased treatment completeness by 18.3%, improved tuberculosis case recovery by 15.9%, decreased tuberculosis case dropout rates by 12.5% and decreased tuberculosis case fatality rates by 4.4%. It was concluded that the Google Earth-based tuberculosis case monitoring system was effectively implemented in the work area of the Public health center in Deli Tua. It is recommended to use of Google Earth-based tuberculosis monitoring system.</p> Bahtera Bin David Purba ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-22 2019-10-22 2 1 26 34 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.152 HUBUNGAN PENDAPATAN DAN PENGETAHUAN KEPALA KELUARGA DENGAN KETERSEDIAAN JAMBAN SEHAT DI DESA GUNUNG MERLAWAN KECAMATAN TIGANDERKET KABUPATEN KARO TAHUN 2019 http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/153 <p>To improve public health in the form of disease prevention, and health recovery by the government and society is the development of basic sanitation. Any of them has access to basic sanitation that is healthy latrines. The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of income and knowledge of family heads with the availability of healthy latrines . The method of this study used observational analytics with a cross sectional study design. The population in this study was the family Head of the gunung merlawan village as much as 60 households in Tiganderket District Karo Regency. Samples were taken according to the number of samples of 60 households with 230 inhabitants. with this sampling technique is total sampling. Statistical tests using the chi square test using SPSS 20. The results of the study showed that there was a relationship between the level of income of family heads with the availability of family latrines. And that there is a relationship of knowledge with the availability of healthy latrines. It is recommended to health officer in the working area of Puskesmas Tiga Nderket and the Head of Gunung Merlawan village to increase their role in counseling the community in the use of healthy latrines in Gunung Merlawan village, Tiganderket .</p> Bunga Mari Sembiring Desi Veronika Fithri Handayani Lubis ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-25 2019-10-25 2 1 35 39 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.153 DETERMINAN KEJADIAN DIABETES MELITUS TIPE 2 DI WILAYAH KERJA PUSKESMAS PAYUNG SEKAKI http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/156 <p>Diabetes Mellitus is abnormality of insulin hormone that is marked with high blood glucose levels. In indonsia, total of diabetes mellitus sufferer in 2000 is 8,4 million (7,8%) peoples and expected in 2030 will reached untll 21,3 million (9,1%) people. Diabetes mellitus case in work area of Public Health Centre (PHC) Payung Sekaki Pekanbaru City In 2017 is 1.798 (2,3%). This research purpose is to knowing determinants case of diabetes melliitus type 2 in work area PHC Payung Sekaki Pekanbaru City. This research method is quantitative with research type is observational analysis and this design research is case control. Technique Sampling which is used is Non Probability and Quota Sampling technique. Analysis of data what done is univariat and bivariat wit Chi Square test. The result research show that, there are corelation among age, obesity, exercise, eating pattern with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2 case, andthere is no corelation between family support with Diabetes Mellitus Type 2case. Suggestion for PHC, to do socialization about managed healthy life pattern, keep the ideal body weight, also helding the healthy gymnastics program in PHC in the morning as 3 times in a week.</p> Christine Vita Gloria Yuyun Priwahyuni M. Dedi Widodo Suci Fanesa ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-25 2019-10-25 2 1 40 44 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.156 POLA SIDIK JARI DAN SUDUT AXIAL TRIRADIUS DIGITAL (ATD) PADA NARAPIDANA LAKI - LAKI DI TAHANAN TITIPAN (TAHTI) POLDA SUMATERA UTARA http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/157 <p>Dermatoglyphics can be used not only to identify an individual's identity but also to determine chromosomal diseases, talents, potentials, and individual personalities. Several studies were conducted to prove that dermatoglyphics have a tendency that is typical of inmates. This study aimed to find out how the ATD fingerprint and angular patterns in prisoners in the Male North Sumatra Regional Police Correctional Institution. The research sample through total sampling. The research data is in the form of fingerprint patterns and ATD angles, data collection for fingerprint patterns by attaching the fingertips of the right and left hands to the Digital person Fingerprint reader and the results are analyzed on 10 fingers. ATD angles data were obtained by applying all palmar surfaces with Blue Ink and affixed to the observation sheet to calculate the angle of ATD. Data were analyzed univariately for the type of fingerprint pattern and the angle of ATD.</p> Ismurizal Ismurizal ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-25 2019-10-25 2 1 45 50 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.157 ANALISA PENGETAHUAN SIKAP DAN PERILAKU PENGANGKUT SAMPAH TERHADAP ASPEK KESELAMATAN KESEHATAN KERJA DALAM PENGOLAHAN SAMPAH http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/159 <p>The purpose of this research is to knowing correlation of knowledge, attitute and practice of garbage attendant laborers of aspects of occupational health and safety against waste processing at TPS in Pasir Pangaraian Rokan Hulu Riau. This research uses analytical method with cross sectional design. The population in this study were all Garbage attendant Laborers at TPS in Pasir Pangaraian amounted to 64 people with total sampling method. Data analysis using chi square test indicated that there is correlation between knowledge with occupational health and safety at TPS in Pasir Pengarain. Value p = 0.026 &lt; 0,05 indicate that there is correlation between attitute with occupational health and safety at TPS in Pasir Pengarain. The value of p = 0.034 &lt; 0.05 indicates that there is correlation between practice with occupational health and safety in TPS in Pasir Pengarain Conclusion: There is a relationship of Attitude, Knowledge and Practice with occupational health and safety at TPS in Pasir Pengarain.</p> Marzuki Samion ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-25 2019-10-25 2 1 51 57 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.159 PERUBAHAN DENYUT NADI PADA REMAJA SETELAH JOGGING DENGAN JARAK 2 KM DI TAMAN CADIKA MEDAN JOHOR http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/160 <p>During the jogging activity we do, there will be a change in the pulse rate in response to transporting oxygen to the muscles that are having an activity. Jogging is the same as an exercise that can increase the pulse rate and burn calories and prevent poor lifestyle changes that are less active. This study aims to determine how much the change in pulse in adolescents after jogging with a distance of 2 KM in Cadika Park Medan Johor. The method used in this study is a survey of analytic methods with a cross-sectional design. The sampling technique is Quota (ration) of 28 respondents, the study was examined based on inclusion criteria, namely the age of 19-21 years and physically and mentally healthy. Data obtained from direct measurement of the pulse, the data is processed using computer software. After analyzing the data using the Wilcoxon test, the results were obtained which stated that there was a change in pulse rate after jogging with a distance of 2 KM in Cadika Park Medan Johor.</p> Handi Efendi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-25 2019-10-25 2 1 58 63 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.160 FAKTOR YANG BERHUBUNGAN DENGAN KEJADIAN HIPERTENSI PADA LANSIA DI POSYANDU LANSIA DI WILAYAH KERJA PUSKESMAS SIMPANG BAHJAMBI KABUPATEN SIMALUNGUN http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/161 <p>The increasing prevalence of hypertension each year is a major problem in developing and developed countries. This research was conducted at the post of integrated service of elderly Working area public health center of Simpang Bahjambi, Simalungun Regency. The type of research is a descriptive correlation and using stratified random sampling technique the total sample is 88 respondents. Data were analyzed by using the chi-square test and multiple linear regression tests at 95% confidence. The results of this research show that there is no relationship between the habit of consuming alcoholic beverages with the incidence of hypertension. There was a significant relationship between age, gender, and family disease history. BMI, smoking, and stress with the incidence of hypertension in the elderly. From multiple linear regression tests, found that the most dominant variable correlated significantly with the incidence of hypertension for the elderly is the age factor. It is expected that the society to find information about hypertension disease for the elderly who expected the information is useful and can influence the change of elderly attitude in order to make efforts to control hypertension, besides that the elderly family also willing to make efforts of supervision on family members who suffer from hypertension.</p> Jon Piter Sinaga Novi Silvia Vera ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-31 2019-10-31 2 1 64 74 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.161 FAKTOR DETERMINAN YANG BERHUBUNGAN DENGAN MOTIVASI KERJA PEGAWAI DI PUSKESMAS JUHAR KECAMATAN JUHAR KABUPATEN KARO http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/162 <p>The related factors that suspected to be employee motivation’s based on Frederick Herzberg's theory are intrinsic and extrinsic factors which consisting of achievement, reward, responsibility, work environment, superiors / subordinate communication, and supervision. The purpose of this research is to analyze the determinants of factors associated with employee motivation. This research is quantitative research with the survey is the method through an explanatory research approach. The research was conducted at Juhar Public Health Center, Karo District. The population of this research is 52 people and the sample is 52 people. Data analysis use univariate analysis, bivariate analysis with chi-square, and multivariate analysis use multiple logistic regression test. The results showed that factors related to employee motivation in Puskesmas Juhar, Juhar Sub-district, Karo Regency in 2018 were responsibility, subordinate-supervisor communication, and supervision, there was a significant correlation. The most dominant variable related to this research is the variable of responsibility and the value of PR = 9,122. Personnel responsible for their job has a high work motivation 9.1 times higher than irresponsible employees. Unrelated variables are achievement, reward and work environment. It is suggested to the irresponsible staff of public health center to better understand their duties and responsibilities as employees to be more motivated in working and program targets can be achieved.</p> Felix Kasim Astuti Ginting ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-31 2019-10-31 2 1 75 83 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.162 FAKTOR YANG MEMENGARUHI RUJUKAN PASIEN PENGGUNA JKN-PBI KE FASILITAS KESEHATAN TINGKAT LANJUT DI PUSKESMAS PANCUR BATU KABUPATEN DELI SERDANG TAHUN 2019 http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/163 <p>BPJS complains that the puskesmas still carry out unnecessary referral actions (non-specialized diseases) to hospitals. The purpose of this study is to analyze the factors that influence the referral of PBI JKN patient patients to advanced health facilities. This is quantitative research with survey method through cross sectional approach. The research was conducted at Pancur Batu Puskesmas Deli Serdang District. The study population was 18,459 people and the sample was 186 people with purposive sampling techniques. Data analysis used univariate analysis, bivariate analysis with chi-square, and multivariate analysis using multiple logistic regression tests. The results showed that the factors that influenced were knowledge, availability of infrastructure and information about referrals, p &lt; 0.05. Variables that do not affect are distance, motivation, attitudes of health workers, p &gt; 0.05. The variable that has the greatest influence in this study is the variable availability of infrastructure with the value of Exp (B) / OR = 6.810 means that respondents who stated that the availability of infrastructure in hospitals was adequate, had the chance to be referred to 6.8 times higher than respondents who stated the availability of infrastructure facilities in hospitals is inadequate. It is recommended that the Pancur Batu Puskesmas repair some Puskesmas infrastructure facilities that are considered incomplete and less satisfying for some patients so that patients do not ask for referrals for diseases that can be treated at the Puskesmas.</p> Diana Sinulingga Linda Silalahi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-31 2019-10-31 2 1 84 92 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.163 FAKTOR-FAKTOR YANG MEMPENGARUHI KEPATUHAN PASIEN GANGGUAN JIWA MELAKUKAN PENGOBATAN RUTIN KE PUSKESMAS SIDODADI KECAMATAN KOTA KISARAN BARAT KABUPATEN ASAHAN TAHUN 2018 http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/171 <p>Mental health is a state where one is free from mental disorders and has a positive attitude to describe maturity and personality. Based on preliminary studies at Sidodadi Public Health Center, patients suffering from anxiety as many as 26 people and patients suffering from depression as many as 38 people. The purpose of this study is to determine the factors that influence the patient's compliance with mental disorders doing routine treatment to Sidodadi Health Center District West Kisaran City Asahan Region 2018, with the type of quantitative writing that is analytic. The population in this writing is the entire head of the family of patients who have mental disorders anxiety and depression that is as many as 64 people. The sampling technique used is total sampling. Data were collected by interviews using the questionnaire. Data analysis was done univariate and bivariate with the Pearson correlation test. The findings of the research showed that there was significant influence between family attitudes, family support, the distance of Health Center, support of health workers. The most dominant variable that influenced the patient's compliance with mental disorder to do routine treatment is the support of health manpower 5.8 times. Head of Health Center to encourage health workers to continue to visit the family home of mental disorders so that they can help the healing process or care for people with mental disorders.</p> Elisabeth Dame Manalu Nina Dwi Yanti Siagian ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-31 2019-10-31 2 1 93 99 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.171 PENGARUH RANGSANGAN PUTING SUSU TERHADAP WAKTU KELAHIRAN PLASENTA PADA IBU BERSALIN KALA III DI KLINIK MENTA KECAMATAN PATUMBAK KABUPATEN DELI SERDANG TAHUN 2019 http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/174 <p>Nipple stimulation is an action or treatment given to the nipples in the form of subtle stimulation in the palmar part of the fingers which are carried out alternately which produce the hormone oxytocin naturally, causing the uterus to contract which can prevent postpartum bleeding and accelerate the process of releasing the placenta. This study aims to determine the effect of nipple stimulation on the time of birth of the placenta in the third maternity period. The method used is a quasi-experimental method with a sample of 20 respondents taken by accidental sampling technique. Data analysis using bivariate analysis with t-test independent test statistic. The results showed that the average birth time of placenta in mothers given nipple stimulation was 5.23 minutes, while those not given nipple stimulation 7.02 minutes. Based on the statistical test, it was found that there was an effect of nipple stimulation on the birth time of the placenta in the third stage of maternity with a value of ρ Value 0.002. Suggestions in this study are expected in the management of active management in the third stage to provide stimulation of the nipples to accelerate the birth process of the placenta.</p> Andayani Boang Manalu Puspa Niat Putri Halawa Nurul Aini Siagian ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-31 2019-10-31 2 1 100 104 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.174 RESPON REMAJA TERHADAP PERINGATAN BAHAYA MEROKOK DALAM BENTUK TEKS DAN GAMBAR PADA KEMASAN ROKOK http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/176 <p>Health warning in the images Pictorial Health Warning on cigarette packs could actually prevent<br>increasing number of victims of novice smokers. Because of the figures packs of smoking<br>cigarettes, smokers beginners will think again about resume the smoking habits. The research goal<br>is to find response to the warning of the dangers of smoking adolescents in the form of text and<br>pictures on cigarette packs. This research method is qualitative research wich descriptive<br>exploratory design. Selection participant in this study using a snowball sampling technique. Data<br>were collected by interview. Data analysis is done manually, where the first researcher to make a<br>transcript of the interview obtained from listen to repeated recording and remarks interview flew<br>(filed notes). Results showed that all the informant knows about the contents of a message<br>warning of the dangers of smoking on cigarette packs. No teenagers can name correctly and clear<br>text content and image are printed on cigarette packs. Teens are afraid of the warning bud did<br>not make teens stop smoking. This can be caused by the delivery of information is not frequently<br>and continuously get by teenagers per day according to the needs and purchasing power of the<br>youth. It can also because by teens fear whens buying cigarette with the packaging and store it<br>will likely be examined and acknowledged by parents and supervisors orphanage. It is hoped all<br>parties contribute to preventing and addressing smoking behavior in the adolescent. The approach<br>to preventing and addressing smoking approaches such as providing information about the<br>dangers or negative effects of smoking, but touches affectional necessary.</p> Yunita Syahputri Damanik Fithri Handayani Lubis ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-31 2019-10-31 2 1 105 111 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.176 ANALISA KESALAHAN DALAM MENGGUNAKAN TENSES OLEH MAHASISWA MANAJEMEN INFORMASI KESEHATAN DI INSTITUT KESEHATAN DELI HUSADA DELI TUA TAHUN 2018 http://ejournal.delihusada.ac.id/index.php/JPKSY/article/view/178 <p>We can find the term Error Analysis in language. These errors could be valuable sources for<br>teaching. We as learner must be able to know about tenses so that it can make miscommunication<br>one another. Students often confused about tenses. They assume tense as a significant burden.<br>The error term is the fact that students always make mistakes in using tenses, and it is a problem<br>that the researcher finds. The researcher wants to find out both the students’ progress and every<br>student’s level in understanding tenses. The method of this research used quantitative method.<br>Kinds of errors made by first-grade students of Health Information Management in using tenses<br>are omission 50% (omission of pure present tense 50%). The percentage errors of using tenses<br>are simple present 50%, pure past 35%, and simple future tense 15%. The students should pay<br>attention seriously in learning tenses because tenses are part of grammar.</p> Herawati Br Bukit Dila Fitria ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2019-10-31 2019-10-31 2 1 112 119 10.36656/jpksy.v2i1.178